Dressing a Georgian Lady

Georgian Tutorial by Mary Williams

of Mary Williams Dollshouse Dolls

To complete this dressing tutorial you will have already chosen your Georgian pattern and pattern pieces and cut them out. You should have pantaloons, petticoat, underskirt, overskirt, a piece of black silk for the bodice, a piece of lace to go over the black silk, an over-bodice, sleeves and any trimmings you are going to use. I am going to show you how to dress the doll.

Start by choosing your doll and put her together, when dressing this type of doll I leave gluing the arms until last. I wasn’t sure when I started which type of arm I would use so I prepared three different types.

The next step is to make sure she’s the right height, this lady is going to be 5 and a half inches tall.

Next wrap the legs tightly with wadding. Then paint her shoes and give her some pantaloons and a petticoat. Gather the petticoat around the waist, I then wrap my thread around and around the waist and sew to the pantaloons and wadding to finish, trim away any excess fabric around the waist. I always sew my petticoats just below the waistline to avoid bunching around the waist when you add the skirt.

Next step is to add the underskirt in the same way as the petticoat, add any trims at bottom of skirt before placing on the doll. Then add the bodice, which is an oblong of black silk, fitted around the torso and glued at the back, you may have to pinch some darts into the bodice, but don’t worry about being too neat as this won’t show as it will be covered by the lace.

Add a piece of lace over the black silk, trim excess black silk from the top of the bust lightly glue at the back and top of the bust.

 Next fit the overskirt

Place the doll in an upright position and pin the overskirt in place having previously added your trim and sew the skirt in place.

Next fit the over-bodice and decorate it with your chosen trimming.

You are now ready for your arms, which should be lightly wrapped with wadding, for this doll I have chosen half arms. Insert your wrapped arms into your prepared sleeve, the pipe cleaner end going into the wrist, make sure the wrist on the sleeve isn’t too tight. Gather the end of the sleeve once it is on the on the arm. Glue ends towards the pipe cleaner in the centre. You must leave enough pipe cleaner at the ends to fit into the armholes of the doll.

Then glue the arms onto doll being very careful not to get glue everywhere!

Be patient and let the glue dry, you may have to leave it overnight.

If you make a mess of putting the sleeves into the doll (it does take practise!) hide it with the trim.

Wig your doll however you desire.

Add trimming, jewels, hair ornaments,beads and any accessories you wish, hopefully your doll will end up looking like this.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help.

Copyright Mary Williams 2007. Not to be reproduced in any way.